Socio Cultural Wing 'SCW'

Family Get-Together

We propose to conduct bi-monthly Family Get-together with a variety of entertainment programmes. All members are requested to participate in the family get-together in full strength, so as to make these programmes vibrant and enjoyable. Communication in regard to such programmes will be sent in advance, as and when, organized.

New Year & X’mas Day Celebrations

“New Year & X’mas Day” celebrations will also be held with the usual ardour and merriment every year.

Annual Day Celebrations

The Annual Day celebrations of the Association will be held every year on a convenient day with usual fervour and gaiety. The celebrations will be accompanied by a get-together as well as a spectacular cultural show to be presented by the members and their wards. Besides, the yummy Kerala delicacy of “Cooked Tapioca served with Fish Curry” (Kappa & Meen curry), which is always relished by Malyalees, will also be available in connection with the Annual Day celebrations. The Sports & Games events as well as the cultural programmes, which could not be conducted along with the Onam celebrations this year in deference to the memory of Late M. P. Mathew, will now be held along with the Annul Day celebrations, 2010.


We also plan to celebrate KERALAPIRAVI day every year with a variety of cultural programmes presented by the members and their wards. Those who are interested to participate in the cultural programmes, may please contact the Hon. Secretary (Arts & Culture) in advance.

Cultural Programmes

The Socio-Cultural Wing of the Association will be making all out efforts to stage Malayalam-based programmes like Dramas, Music concerts, Dance performances, Comedy Shows, Mimicry performances, Magic Shows etc. whenever the concerned troupes from Kerala visit this part of the country. Apart from the above by members efforts will also be made to stage cultural programmes presented by the wards of the members as frequently as possible.


As in the past, picnics will be organized during the coming years also. The venue, date and time of the same will be announced in due course.

Reading Room & Library

For the benefit of the members, Reading Room functioning in Kairali School will remain open every day, between 7.00 PM and 8.00 PM. Members are requested to avail this facility to the maximum extent possible. Those who are yet to become members of the Library are requested to do so at the earliest. For distribution of books, the Library will remain open Saturday and Sunday between 7.00 PM and 8.00 PM. A substantial number of new Malayalam books have been added to the stock of the Library in order to make it versatile. Further new books and periodicals can be arranged on getting specific suggestions from members.


  • We are planning to bring out a periodical magazine - which will be basically a literary journal as well as a news magazine - for the benefit of the members, with the prime objective of fostering the literary talent among the members and their wards. It would also serve as a medium to inspire and motivate budding writers by providing a suitable creative platform. Members are requested to forward their literary creations like articles, short stories, poems etc to the Hon. Secretary (Library & Publication) and the same will be accommodated in the magazine subject to scrutiny and final approval by the Editorial Board. In addition to the above, relevant information regarding the creditable achievements of the members and their wards, important events in their lives, relevant and news-worthy local events etc. can also be incorporated in the magazine.
  • Action is also being initiated to publish a Telephone Directory of the Members stationed in Ranchi as well as the Life Members who have already left Ranchi and settled elsewhere.
  • As in the previous years, a multi-page Malayalam Calendar for the year 2011, printed in large fonts - which would also serve effectively as an Almanac (Panchangam) for all practical purposes - will be published and distributed to the members before commencement of the year.

ONAM Celebrations

ONAM, the national festival of Kerala, will be celebrated every year with traditional gaiety and fervor. Sports and Games will also be conducted in the school campus as part of celebrations and the Best Student Award and other awards will be given away during the ONAM function. As the members are well aware, the traditional ONA SADYA was held on 29th August in connection with the ONAM celebrations of 2010. We are immensely glad to note that the ONAM feast, in which tasteful Kerala delicacies were served, drew overwhelming response from the members. However, on account of the sad demise of Sri.M.P.Mathew, immediate past President of the Malayalee Association, and as a mark of respect to the departed soul, the other programmes pertaining to the Onam celebrations had to be re-scheduled this year. These programmes will now be conducted along with the forthcoming Annual Day Celebrations.

Medical Check-up

  • Services of a Physician / Specialist will continue to be available at Kairali School every 2nd and 3rd Sundays from 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM. Members and their families, who need medical assistance, may avail this facility free of cost. Members are requested to utilize this facility to the maximum extent possible, irrespective of their place of residence in Ranchi.
  • Organizing special medical camps for members and their families and also students of Kairali School for routine check-ups etc is also under consideration.

Malayalam Classes

The Association proposes to start Malayalam classes in Kairali School for the benefit of the wards of the members. Classes are scheduled to be held on Sundays and it is envisaged that necessary assistance will be taken from the Ladies’ Wing for this purpose.

Construction Work

The construction of the Kairali School Senior Secondary Section building is under progress and nearing completion shortly.

Welfare Activities

  • Under the scheme of welfare activities, the Association is planning to resume the facility of providing medical allowance to those life members who are also Senior Citizens, on receipt of specific written requests from them.
  • As in the past, idea of awarding fee reimbursement to the wards of members, who are studying outside Kairali School in Ranchi or outside Ranchi, is under active consideration of the Association this year also. For this purpose, all eligible members are requested to submit written requests to the Secretary (Welfare) enclosing the original fee receipts. However, it may please be noted that this facility will be available only to those members who have attended at least two of the previous three Annual General Body meetings of the Association.
  • Senior citizens from amongst our members who are 70 years and above shall be publicly honoured once in their lifetime, on the occasion of Onam Celebrations / Annual Day function. The first lot of such members shall be honoured during forthcoming Annual Day Celebrations.
  • New Year / Onam gift for all members is also in the agenda.
  • It is proposed that an ambulance be procured and stationed at school campus for the emergency requirements of the members as well as the students and staff of Kairali School.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We have plans to render assistance to the underprivileged sections of the Society in our neighbourhood, to start within a limited way, in tune with the CSR. The project shall include -

  • Free education to most deserving students
  • Financial assistance for medical treatment
  • Help to government in the event of natural calamities
  • Distribution of Cloths during winter season
  • Providing / sponsoring public utility items for use at Railway Stations / Bus Stands and such other public places.
A Voluntary Blood Donors’ Association is proposed to be set up under the aegis of the Malayalee Association and the modalities for the same are being worked out. It is envisaged that the Blood Donors’ Association shall cater to the needs not only of our members, but also the general public in Ranchi at large. The format for registration will be made available to the members as early as possible. Members are requested to come forward to enroll themselves as potential blood donors.

Future plans aimed at the overall development of the organization

In consonance with the stature of Malayalee Association as one of the most dynamic and vibrant socio-cultural organizations of Ranchi, it is necessary to make incessant and relentless efforts in order to achieve unmitigated progress in all spheres of its activities. With this aim in view, the following plans of action are contemplated for the future:

  • Acquisition of Land within HEC campus to expand and augment the functioning of the organization.
  • Planning and execution of long cherished multi-utility building (Kerala Bhawan) exclusively for housing the offices of the Association.
  • It is proposed to increase the height and width of the backside of F-Block building boundary wall with necessary arrangements for protection of the windows as also for security reasons.
  • Floor of the roofed space available in front of the office of the General Secretary and the Silver Jubilee Block is proposed to be levelled with suitable fool ring tiles or with any other material as deemed suitable. Care would be taken to stop entry / flow of rainwater over the roofed area as above by making proper drainage system.
  • Renovation of office of Malayalee Association Ranchi.
  • Plans are afoot for the further development and beautification of Kairali School campus including main entrance of the School with garden, fountain, park-benches, lights etc.
  • In order to take care of the increased consumption of Electricity, we have planned to go in for a 200 KVA Transformer or more capacity at our premises.
  • In order to check up and maintain electrical installations regularly and also to operate Public Addressing Systems and other Electronic gadgets, it is proposed to have a qualified Electrician on our roll.
  • Under the ongoing efforts for up-gradation of existing structures, the existing and worn-out electrical wiring of the old building of the Kairali School, which has since outlived its effectiveness, will be completely replaced using state-of-the-art technology and superior quality materials, under the guidance of a qualified Electrical Engineer.
  • Renovation of old Toilet on the ground floors of Blocks.
  • In order to ensure punctuality and regularity among employees, an attendance system supported by electronic punching is proposed to be introduced shortly.
  • To introduce an electronic bulletin board at the entrance of the school building for display of thought for the day, day-to-day activities, programme notice etc of the school.
  • To introduce uniforms to employees of MAR Staff.
  • Creation of data-base of members, teachers and students.
  • An attractively illuminated, state-of-the-art name-board, displaying the name of the school both in English and Hindi, will be installed at a prominent spot at the D-Block of the school preferably facing the main road, enabling the passers – by to have a clear view of it.
  • With the objective of augmenting and modernizing the facilities for sports and games in Kairali School, the following action plan is contemplated :
    • A separate room with facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis, Caroms etc.
    • Permanent Basketball and Volleyball courts with concrete floors and modern amenities.

Ladies Wing

The Ladies Wing of the Association has resumed the Chit Fund activities and the monthly Chit Fund gathering is being organized smoothly and successfully. In order to boost the activities of the Ladies’ Wing, it has been decided to involve maximum number of ladies. We welcome new members who have an inclination for active participation in the activities of the Ladies’ Wing for facilitating its improved and effective functioning. Hon. Jt. Secretary (SCW) has been entrusted with the task of revamping and rejuvenating the Ladies’ Wing so as to effect its radical transformation into a highly dynamic and visible organ of the Association. Specific suggestions/novel ideas for achieving this objective shall be whole-heartedly welcomed. Present functionaries of ladies Wing are:

Name Designation Phone (R) Phone (O) Mobile
Mrs. Devaki Soman Secretary ---- ---- ----
Mrs. Saraswati R. Nair Jt. Secretary ---- ---- ----
Mrs. Pushpa Surendran Treasurer ---- ---- ----
Mrs. Girija Kuttan Jt. Treasurer ---- ---- ----

Committee Members
Area Name Phone (R) Phone (O) Mobile
CCL Area Mrs. Jayashree Ramakrishnan ---- ---- ----
Ratu Road Mrs. Jayashree Sukumaran ---- ---- ----
New Area Gandhinagar Mrs. Lilly Chacko ---- ---- ----
Sector-II Mrs. Geetha Das ---- ---- ----
Sector- III Mrs. Reethamma ---- ---- ----
Hardag Mrs. Sujatha Pradeep ---- ---- ----

School Management Committee 'SMC'


  • Installation of close circuit TV at important/ vulnerable points.
  • Installation of new water-tank.
  • Proper lighting arrangements in class rooms with tube lights.
  • Installation of punching machine.
  • Beautification of school campus.


We plan to start the following new system / facilities:

  • A system is proposed to be introduced whereby focus will be on instruction with due emphasis on structured and holistic learning, which would eventually lead to create good citizens possessing sound health, appropriate life skills and necessary moral attributes besides scholastic excellence, thereby helping the learners to meet the challenges of life with confidence and equanimity.
  • Acknowledging the fact that parents should be active partners in realizing the potential of their children – the child’s interests, style and aptitude- a system focusing on continual parent-teacher engagement, which is distinctly different from the present parent-teacher meetings, is to be introduced.
  • Appropriate organizational changes are to be brought about in order to accomplish all-round benefits for students and teachers.

  • A system based on sustained professional development of teachers which will empower them with necessary tools to meet the new challenges of continually changing academic environment and will enable them to commit themselves to high academic expectations based on scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of the students’ growth and development, is envisaged.
  • “Vocational guidance & counseling” is widely accepted as a powerful and effective method of helping to bridge the gap between education and the world of work as well as between the school and the society. Keeping this concept in mind, appropriate steps are being considered for making this facility available to the students as an integral part of the instruction.